1). Why should I use Scribes?

Other editors dwell on accumulating unrelated and superficial features without method. This makes them buggy, complicated and hard to use. They also require lengthy training periods, extensive configuration and plenty manual reading. Surely, you have better things to do with your time.

Scribes deliberately implements functions that have been shown to significantly boost productivity, streamline workflow and eliminate obstructions. In short, other editors are about features. Scribes is about delivering the best text editing experience.

2). What makes Scribes Unique?

It's the only text editor that uniquely blends simplicity with well researched powerful functions. Thus, making you exponentially productive. How will you know you are more productive using Scribes? Simple. You will type less, make less errors and create more in significantly less time using Scribes compared to most other text editors. And you'll do so in less time than most other text editors. This is because Scribes specializes exclusively on features that enhance your text editing experience in the most effective and efficient manner. This lethal combination of simplicity and power makes Scribes unrivalled.

3). No Tabs, Why?

Scribes is a spatial and document-centric application. As a result, it was not designed to use Tabs. However, Scribes features a better, efficient and scalable alternative to Tabs, the document switcher. The document switcher allows you to focus any document opened with scribes by simply pressing F9. See my blog for an elaborate response.

4). But I Really Want Tabs!

No problem, this might interest you.

5). Is there a list of shortcut keys?

Press ctrl+h to show the keyboard shortcut key window.

5). Where are the templates?


6). Where are the themes?


7). Can I add syntax color for languages?

Yes, read this, this and this.

8). Can I contribute?

Yes, help fund Scribes.