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If you appreciate this project consider sparing some change.


Don't use version 0.3 ! It's old, buggy and unsupported!

Ubuntu Users, see below for how to install from Ubuntu's PPA.

The development branch is the ONLY supported and maintained version of this software. Use and provide feedback based on this version.

Ubuntu PPA Package

Scribes has a PPA for Ubuntu. It supports Lucid (Ubuntu 10.04) and Maverick (Ubuntu 10.10). Read my blog to see how to install Scribes via the Ubuntu PPA.

Fedora RPMs

Matej maintains unofficial Fedora RPMS here

Launchpad Development Branch

More information about the branch is found here. If you plan to install from the branch, follow these instructions.

bzr branch lp:scribes
cd scribes
sudo make install

Get Templates and Themes

Don't forget to download TEMPLATES and THEMES too!

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